Environmental Solutions for Rock, Soil, and Water Problems


Mission:  Bald Eagle Geotechnical Services aims to provide appropriate, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions to rock, soil, water, and other geologically related problems.

Geotechnical services provide input to--

land-use planning and design

pre-construction site investigations

water-well and septic system siting

drainage-basin analyses and flooding hazards

sink-hole delineation and karst-terrain analysis

slope- and foundation-stability problems

surface and ground-water contamination

radon detection and remediation strategies

topographic-, geologic-, and soils-map interpretation

geotechnical report generation and review

Geotechnical educational outreach services include--

seminars addressing local geologic and hydrogeologic concerns

technical editing and report preparation

custom-designed field trips


power-point presentations addressing a range of environmental geologic topics including:


geologic hazards and mitigation strategies




slope stability







acid-mine drainage

ground subsidence


Earth resources



water quality and quantity

streams and wetlands



ground water

soils and soil erosion



non-metallic natural materials

mining and quarrying


traditional and alternative energy resources


pollution and waste disposal


land-use and land planning


recreational activities



fossil collecting

mineral collecting

Principal Geotechnical Investigator:

John H. Way, Ph.D., P.G.

Providing geologic expertise in Pennsylvania since 1971

22 Parkwood Drive
Lock Haven, PA  17745-2630



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